If you don't want to travel far for your next escape there are a whole range of excellent retreats in the UK to discover and enjoy.

Some of the most popular retreats in the UK include:

  • Spiritual Retreats: Offer quiet and reflective time for individuals to connect with their spiritual beliefs and practices.
  • Wellness Retreats: Focus on self-care, mindfulness and relaxation through activities such as yoga, meditation, spa treatments and healthy eating.
  • Adventure Retreats: Offer experiences such as hiking, kayaking, surfing and other outdoor activities for individuals to challenge themselves and connect with nature.
  • Creative Retreats: Allow individuals to explore and develop their artistic skills through workshops and classes in areas such as painting, writing, photography and music.
  • Silent Retreats: Offer a space for individuals to disconnect from their daily lives and focus on self-reflection and mindfulness through silence and solitude.
  • Detox Retreats: Provide individuals with a supportive environment to cleanse their bodies through healthy eating and exercise.
  • Yoga Retreats: Focus on yoga practice, self-discovery and relaxation through yoga classes, workshops and other wellness activities.
  • Weight Loss Retreats: Offer a structured program for individuals to achieve their weight loss goals through a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.