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Our Privacy Policies

By using our website, you agree to our privacy policies that we have put in place. We use the data that is collected by your browser to improve your experience and improve our offering online. You agree to this usage when you visit our site where a notification appears at the bottom of your page. Further details of how we collect and use this data can be found below, however, you have the right to revoke your consent and access any data stored about yourself, free of charge, at any time by writing to us at

Use Of Cookies

To optimise your experience on our website, we may use data that has been collected from our customers. Data collected is in the form of cookies which are text files that are stored on your computer. Some will be deleted when you close your browser while others may remain on your computer for longer. You can disable the storing of cookies by doing so within your browser settings.

Use Of Partner Cookies

When you click a link to one of our partner websites, they may also collect cookie data within your browser to enhance your experience. Partner websites are separate companies from the Good Retreat Guide and have their own privacy policies, including cookie usage. For this information, you will need to contact the individual partner site. For more information on cookies, what they are and how they are used, please visit When clicking on some of the offers and links on our website, you may be taken to our partners websites. In some instances, we may be paid a commission should you continue on their website and book a trip. By visiting another website, we cannot take responsibility for the content or experience on those websites.


When you sign up to our newsletter, you provide us with your email address. The sole purpose of this is to provide you with some of the best retreat deals and information via email. When signing up, you will be provided with a confirmation link via email, which you must confirm in order to start receiving newsletters. You may unsubscribe at any time by using the link provided in each email.

Contact Form

When you contact the Good Retreat Guide using the contact form, you are asked to provide your name and email address. The sole purpose of this is so that we can repsond to your enquiry. This data will not be used in any other way unless you ask us to.


We use Google cookies in a number of ways to help improve our user experience. The information we use for this purpose is sent to a server in the USA owned by Google. Google will use this information to understand your use of our website and share reporting about any activities on the website, as well as provide you with tailored adverts. You can prevent us and Google using this data by changing the settings in your browser, not to allow cookie data to be used. For more information on how Google uses this data, please refer to Google's Privacy & Terms site here.

Social Networks

We integrate aspects of social networks into our website, again to enhance your experience. The social plug-ins we use are operated by that particular partner and some information may be passed to them regarding your visit or interactions with our website (liking a page, for example.) Social networks may use this data in a variety of ways. For further information about how your data is used, please refer to each individual social network.